Who We Are


Being a parent is a challenging job because there is not one sole path to being the right parent for your child.  It is an emotionally up and down journey with lots of trials and errors.

At Oak and the Acorns, we provide information and a space in the hopes of helping parents along this journey using the work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld.  His Attachment Paradigm gives parents and caregivers insights into what children need so they are not just on the journey but guiding and leading it.

As an Authorized Neufeld Course Facilitator, I offer the following courses:

The Power to Parent Series

  • Power to Parent One: The Vital Connection
  • Power to Parent Two: Helping Children Grow Up
  • Power to Parent Three: Common Challenges

 Making Sense of Counterwill

Making Sense of Play

Making Sense of Aggression

Making Sense of Discipline

Making Sense of Anxiety